• Principle

    “Damn good lobsters from Lobsterdamus”

    Lobsterdamus was founded on the principle of a finger lickin’ good lobster meal at an affordable price.

  • Process


    We start with a 1.25 LB wild-caught live Maine lobster, blanched, drizzled with butter and seasoning then finished to perfection on a charcoal grill.

    Besides the “Maine” dish, Lobsterdamus also serves Lobster Balls in Garlic butter and twice cooked potatoes (specially prepared fried Russet potatoes with sauce) read lobster facts

  • Success

    Lobsterdamus’s success at
    OC Night Market
    626 Night Market
    Inspired us to keep on sharing this lobster-goodness experience to everyone.

    We have more events lined up this year that includes city festivals and private catering.