1st EVER POST! Yeeeahhh!

I am so pleased to be launching this new version of our website. Not because of all the cool new buttons or pictures, but for the simple reason of being able to post BLOGS!!! It’s like I’m back in college and I get to post awesome things about the nuances of becoming an adult/grown-up. Wait…. What was so awesome about learning to pay for my own bills again??? Anyway, this is sort of like that in the sense that I am going to be posting blogs on what it’s like growing our family business from the ground up. Don’t get me wrong though; We’re NOT a bunch of “n00bs.” Combined, we’ve got over 15 years in experience in both restaurants and various kitchens. It’s not like this is our fish fry… (pun intended) It is, however, the first time we’ve all poured all our blood, sweat, and tears into the same pot (yes, pun intended again) and worked tirelessly side by side to bring to you what we think is an exceptionally delicious product.

BUT WAIT! This wouldn’t be a TRUE BLOG POST without any photos right?!?! Well guys, I hope this doesn’t disappoint…


That’s right, we’ve added Lobster Nachos to our Menu! And no, we’re not using some canned lump lobster meat derivative. THAT IS 100% LIVE MAINE LOBSTER that is steamed and cracked open by hand by US! It’s a lot of work… But that’s what we’re about when it comes to bringing out the best possible ingredients. I can’t wait to see the looks on all of your faces after you try them at the 626 Night Market on August 7-9! AND REMEMBER! If you like the Nachos, please come and give us a high five!

Love & Lobsters,